for choosing, tuning and care

by ballerina Angela Reinhardt







ipinnow mailed to amazon.de on 27th February 2006 the following:
>Super! Dancing myself, I have  seen and read many books on the subject of ballet, but this book I have virtually devoured. I believe that most of the tips are most helpful when buying shoes and then properly caring for them, and, of course, when it comes to dancing itself. It is a very practical book with many tips relating to pointe shoes, based on expertise and loving attention to the most important “tool” a dancer has got. Very recommendable, indeed!<


Nadja Saidakova, the very successful First Ballet Soloist at Berlin’s Staatsoper Unter den Linden wrote to us:

Foto: Dieter Blum>It is really wonderful that it has been possible at long last to create such an extraordinarily vivid and practicable guide for our profession. One has got the immediate feeling that this book has been written by a person, who knows exactly where the problems for us dancers lie, and what we deem as important. In particular, I appreciate the agreeably light-handed and cheerful style of the book. The layout, the wealth of illustrations, the artful paintings, the colourfulness and not least the clear structuring of the provided tips made reading the book a real pleasure for me. Personally for me, too, my pointe shoes are bearable only if they almost “merge” with my feet and become a “second skin”, as the authoress Angela Reinhardt wrote so aptly. With a clear conscience I can recommend the book with all my heart to beginners, students, professional dancers and not least all dance pedagogues.<

Many thanks for this beautiful book – yours Nadja Saidakova
 Photo: Dieter Blum


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